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Monday, January 17, 2005

Some things of interest, perhaps

Movies to see:

Les Choiristes: Went to a preview showing of this splendid little film about a teacher who wins the hearts of some troubled youths through, what else, music. Well done all the way round. Opens in Dallas on January 28.

Coach Carter: Took nephew Paul to this another "how a good teacher changes troubled kids' lives" flick starring Samuel L. Jackson. Wasn't really expecting much, but it turned out to be very good. Thankfully devoid of gratuitous violence and language, it gets the message across although SLJ's monologues get a bit overly preachy.

Concerts you'll want to attend:

Tuesday the 18th:

Kevin Clarke presents "The Mystical Organ" at Church of the Incarnation, 8 pm start time. Music of Messiaen, Durufle, Tournemiere and others. Should be pretty exciting stuff.

February 24 and 26:

Helios Ensemble. Church of the Annunciation Lewisville, and Holy Nativity Episcopal Church in Plano. 8 pm. Hassler Missa Secunda and Monteverdi Missa in Illo tempore, Madrigals by Pallavicino and Monteverdi and motets by Marenzio and Gombert.

Should be tasty. See to order tickets.

Other News:

The golden throat has been temporarily silenced by a nasty cold, resulting in a nastier cough, resulting in an even nastier case of laryngitis. Arrrgh.

Five of my high school students gave a splendid little recital on Saturday evening, making me very proud.

We all went to Dave and Buster's afterwards for merry making which was fun in spite of the long wait for a table.

That should do it for now.

Oh yeah, and Patrick, ten pounds eh. I'll see what I can do.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Day one

Check it out! It's New Year's Day and I don't have a hangover! Go figure. This is my last day to be lazy though and tomorrow starts the routine of three services a week, and, most importantly, a trip to the gym. Gotta be svelt by BPI!