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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

To all who read these letters:

2004 with all its changes, triumphs and errors is quickly coming to a close. I always look forward to New Year's Eve, as without fail it brings the hope of something better. 2004, for many of us was a difficult and disappointing year. The American election, homophobia in the Episcopal Church, the loss of friends and family gives us all cause to stop and reflect upon what has happened in the last twelve months.

More importantly, however, now is not the time to sit back and wallow in our discontent. Positive change is made by positive people. So, to all of my friends out there, Happy New Year. Enjoy one more day of rest and relaxation, and then, when the sun comes up on Monday morning, jump up and greet the day, and start from day one to make your life, your attitude and your actions something positive. Let's leave the place a little better than we found it, and let's get at it right away.

Peace and blessings to you all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Made it through Christmas

Whoo Hoo! Another raucous holiday season is over, with two wonderful days of doing nothing but sitting on my arse and watching movies! A few more days of vacation and it's off to the races again. Some things to watch for: revamped Helios web site...that comes up tomorrow, and will be launched before too much longer.

Hope everyone has a Happy and safe New Year's Eve celebration.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Success in spite of the AF of M.

The Dallas Bach Society performed its annual Messiah concerts this week in spite of pickets and strikes by the American Federation of Musicians, who, in Dallas are amongst our community's most myopic and ridiculous people.

The spirit of the performances was brilliant and the music making was of the first order. What a pleasure it was to see, for once, the orchestra brimming with the joy of playing together and of making so profound a musical testament as Handel's masterpiece warrants.

It was particularly amusing to me to go to the men's room and see stickers and signs plastered all over the walls which read: "DALLAS BACH SOCIETY-SCABS GO HOME!"

First of all, the union members who placed these items defaced public property. This is a misdemeanor offence by city statutes. Secondly, it proved just how childish these people are. Really now, posting your protests in the pisser. Nice. Elegant. Effective. Just so you know, I aimed up and hit the poster squarely with the ole garden hose.

Oh yes, and for the brilliant persons of letter who posted the signs: you need a comma after scabs. If you're going to post notices, at least do us the courtesy of knowing English grammar.

Nice try. The show went on. The audience loved it. And the six of you with your placards and signs outside the looked like the asses you are.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Catching up

Since Hildigunnur has duly chastised me for not keeping up with my blog, I thought that I would run a few words across the keyboard, since by some dumb luck I got out of my rehearsal early today.

It's holiday time, and of course that means lots of concerts and extra services, and by exchange, lots of extra cashflow. My creditors love this time of year. Four Messiah Performances (two as soloist, two as chorister) and a ton of other fun things.

This is about the time that I start thinking about what to put in the annual Chrismas eve letter, which will be arriving in inboxes the world over about 1:00 am CST Christmas morning. I think this year's is going to be pretty good. I have actually found a topic that does not blast George Bush to smithereens (rhetorically, of course, lest the Dept. of Homeland Security is reading this.)

I am proud to announce that one of my favorite students, Montgomery, got into the actor's conservatory at NYU. This is great news as he is a major talent, and he has had his heart set on studying there for some years now.

Well, it's off to the mall while I have the time. See everyone on Christmas eve!