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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Thoughts for Today

Most of my journey away from alcoholism has been a spiritual one. I have found that in order to stay sober, it has been essential for me to reconnect with God (in AA we say "God as we understand Him"). Since I am unashamedly a Christian, you may assume that I understand God through the person of Jesus Christ.

One of my greatest enlightenments thus far has been one of trust. I have come to simply trust that God will assist me in all my difficulties, provide for all of my needs and remove from me any flaws or sins that block my path to a relationship with Him.

Now you might notice that I did NOT say that God has given me everything I want. The Ferrari, the mansion in Highland Park and the private jet are still on my bucket list. But everything that I have truly needed has been provided in God's own due time.

I have come to practice a spiritual discipline of prayer, study and meditation each day that is now essential to my emotional equilibrium and stability. I feel empty if I fail to say my daily prayers (in the shower since I figure while I am cleansing my body I might as well cleanse my mind and spirit) and study. This study includes the wisdom of other paths and thinkers, particularly those of Buddhism.

Here's an exercise that I have found very helpful and uplifting. Jesus said, "ask and you shall receive." Thus, every morning, I ask God to give me ten things that I need. It may be the will not to drink today, or the means to make the money to pay the rent, or the courage to make amends to someone that I have hurt by word or deed. It can be anything, as long as it's a need and not a want.

Then at the end of the day, I thank God for twenty things that he gave me that day. They are often the very things that I asked for in the morning, but since God's gifts to us are at least ten times what we need, I thank him for twice as many as I asked for. I thank him for giving me a place to live, a means to make a living, for friends to keep me company, for my two cats who show me such unconditional love and affection. You can thank him for any blessing.

By doing this every day, I find that I stay in tune with the things in life that are most important spiritually: trust, and gratitude. It has worked for me thus far and I pray that you give it a try and that it works for you.

Have a lovely day!