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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Things Neglected

Wow, it sure has been some time since I have posted. Blogs for me are kind of come and go. I get into it for awhile, and then I forget about it. It's kind of like my reading habit. I read a lot, then go dry for some weeks at a time. I guess that's just my inconsistent life.

Things are gearing up for the holidays, I am booked to the nines and have even had to decline a gig or two to make everything fit in this year. That's a good feeling, that is, to be busy enough to have to pick and choose.

Since my last posting, I have been appointed to a permanent position on WRR 101.1 FM in Dallas. I host the Saturday daytime show, bringing you eight hours of wacky and wonderful classical music to suit every taste. Join me online at to check out the goods.

A couple of private personal matters have me very stressed and distracted now. A prayer or two from the .0000000014723 readers of this blog would be most appreciated. Meanwhile, Madame Z comes tomorrow for a visit, and I am looking forward to it.

That's it for now.