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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Homophobic Bishop and his Hypocritical Agenda

Dear Friends,

Last night at the Church of the Incarnation, James Monte Stanton, the sixth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, met with concerned parishioners concerning our diocese's joining of the Network of Anglican Commuion Dioceses and Parishes.

For some ninety minutes, the bishop filibustered and dodged serious and thoughtful questions and concerns from parishioners both gay and straight about the agenda and intentions of this network.

It became clearer by the minute that this network is an attempt to institutionalize homophobia within the the Episcopal Church in the USA. Bishop Stanton did not even have the nerve to address or defend this accusation, rudely cutting off a questioner who was neither aggresive nor disrespectful in his inquiry.

As a defense for his actions, the Bishop stated that his main concern was to maintain the communion between the American Episcopal Church and sister churches throughout the Anglican Communion, specifically, the churches in Africa. He made a lenghty case for this need for unity, citing the negative press that the African Church leaders were receiving for being in association with the Americans, and stated that African churches, who were in most desperate need of American aid were being forced to pass it by in fear of censure by their governments.

Further, when asked whether he would oust clergy who, in direct violation to Christ's teachings, were divorced and remarried, he replied with an unequivocal 'No.'

It seems as though the bishop and his henchmen have decided to take the issue of homosexuality as their right-wing rallying cry, ignoring other direct scriptural teachings since they are not politically or financially expedient.

Further, he is hiding behind a mask of sympathy for Africa, a continent which has done little to nothing to stem the spread of HIV and AIDS because of its antediluvian social mores that insist that the wearing of a condom is in some way unmasculine. He has also chosen to ignore such practices as polygamy, and prostitution and the handing down of episcopal offices such as bishop and primate from generation to generation instead of the proper electoral procedures that the canons require of these offices.

This Network and the people that are involved in it are the apex of hypocricy, discrimination and hatred. They are a stain on the fabric of the teachings of the all-loving, and all encompasisng Christ. They cherry pick scripture for their own political agenda and conveniently ignore those edicts of which they are in violation for their own political gain and expediency.

To add insult to injury, the Bishop made appallingly bigoted statements against the religion of Islam, putting himself on the level of our current and incompetent political administration, a far cry from his calling as shepherd of his flock.

In a last ditch effort to defend his Network, he cited his desire to maintain the traditions of the five-hundred year old Anglican Church. He failed, of course, to mention that this very church, founded in the sixteenth century by Henry VIII of England, was formed solely because the Roman Pontiff refused to grant Henry a divorce so that he could commence with his SIXTH marriage.

This bishop and his homophobic, hypocrital agenda must be stopped. We must cease to live in the dark ages, and wake up to see the light of truth. The bishop would have us believe that homosexualtiy is a lifestyle choice and not a product of genetics, when volumes of excellent research and science have proven him wrong.

To all of you who might read these pages: take a stand with me and my brothers and sisters in Christ who recognize the error and bigotry of Stanton and his ilk. Write to him at Be heard. Let us stamp out hatred, fear and discrimination for ever.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Some Observations on the Day Past

While lunching at a little sub shop on Greenville Avenue, (how about that, I just made a new verb!) I observed a little episode that brought back many a distasteful memory of my days as a retail flunky.

Now mind, I don't mean to denigrate retailers. If one feels called to that profession, enjoys it, and is good at it, then I believe wholeheartedly that it is a noble and worthy profession. Alas, retail is often a wasteland of brilliant and creative minds, stuck there in misery either by circumstance or bad luck, or, and this is harsh, cowardice.

Sitting at the next table was the manager of this little sub shop, and he was deep in conversation with his supervisor, one of the dreaded ogres of every retail guy's life, the DM. (District Manager for those of you in other countries) Now, having had to answer to a DM for a number of years, I can tell you first hand that these needle dicked middle managers can make the poor guy that has to face the public every day absolutely miserable. Very seldom is anything ever right when they visit your store, rather, they take a great deal of little-guy pride in having the power to suck the creative juice right out of your veins and gargle with it.

This poor guy was being led around by the nose, legal pad in hand, and forced to bow and scrape to the big dude's every whim.

One year and one month ago, I, for one got my fill. I had been working for peanuts for more than fifteen years to make some other bastard rich, while my own creativity was being sapped. Well, I did something about it, and now, live a really contented and happy life, having the full authority and courage to say no to whatever and whomever I please.

Now, that last paragraph might sound a bit arrogant, and let me hasten to add, that arrogance is not my intention, nor is it my desire to lord my success over anyone else. Rather, I would like, through this little medium, to inspire the thousands of you just like me who have more to offer the world than a suggestive upsale of French Fries with your hamburger.

1. Chances are, there is something that you can do or produce that people need. Sit down and evaluate yourself, and figure out just what it is you do better than anyone else in the world. Maybe it's word processing. It might be housekeeping. Maybe you're gifted with a needle and thread. Perhaps you have a great speaking voice. Whatever it is that you have, go exploit it.

For me, it was music. And for fifteen years I used my talent and knowledge to sell sheet music and records for some other schmuck and they thanked me profusely to the tune of $10 per hour.

When I decided to put my music to work for me, I was able to build a teaching studio of more than 25 pupils (at $50 an hour!) and to put my musical knowledge into the production of radio programs, record reviews, and the artistic directorship of my professional choir.

Now, I make more in two hours than I made in two days at my day job, and no DM tells me that my office is out of order.

2. No one has the right to make you feel inferior and to hold the kind of authority over you that will make you dread earning your living. You DON'T have to take it from the MAN! Be your own person, and tell the boss to go screw himself! Find a position in life that makes some other dumb schmuck work for you, then be the best boss that the guy has ever had. Think of the transformed Scrooge in Dickens' A Christmas Carol and go help the Bob Cratchit's of the world.

Just remember this. Being your own boss takes risk and courage. But if you have something of value to offer the world, they'll buy it. I'm not kidding. It worked for me, and I know it will for you. Just don't make the mistake that I made of waiting until you were already 40 years old before you took the plunge.

And remember this, if you fail, you can always get another day job. They're easy to come by. But if you succeed... and you will, you'll find yourself wondering, as I did, what took you so long?!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Blogger Wasteland

Humm, it would seem as if in this vast wasteland that is cyberspace, that very few people read these little ramblings. The other day I sent an email to an old friend, in whose blog I am mentioned several times, and I was astounded to see just how much some people write. I mean, some of the entries go on for days and they occur every day! Damn.

What I really should be doing right now is writing reviews for musicweb, but I have simply not been in the mood.

I have been having a good time finding interesting new music at and surfing around Real Rhapsody, which I just recently installed.

By the way Nathan, if you are reading this, email me you schmuck. Enough with the elusive mystery anti-social man bullshit. Get a life and be a friend again.

Alreighte then. Guess it's time to go. Oh yeah, all of you who missed out on Lucas and Daniel's Lute concert last weekend are losers indeed. It was superb, sublime even. For ten bucks it was worth the drive to Plano. The 40 peeps that made it left changed for the better.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor day with the kids

Labor day holiday is great fun with Thad, Jeff and all the boys. We ate a bunch of steaks and drank a lot of beer.