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Friday, March 18, 2011

Help for the Resource Center

Dear friends,

I recently took a friend of mine to the food pantry at the John Thomas Resource Center in Dallas. I was shocked by just how little food they have on hand at any given time, and how very limited they variety was. We all have friends and acquaintances that are affected by HIV and AIDS, and I think we all know that for many of these people, the cost of medication and treatment can be overwhelming. There are times when our brothers and sisters truly need our help just to survive.

Beginning in April, I am pledging to spend $30 a month on food for the food bank. That's a small amount, I know. But for many of us that represents a couple of hours worth of bar tab on the strip. If a thousand of us give up a couple of cocktails, the food pantry could be well stocked with real, healthful foods. Please join me in either contributing food or funds to the Resource Center on a regular basis. Your help might make the difference between being healthy or being hungry for one of our own in need. I hope that you will join me in this effort to provide food for those who truly need it.

Thanks for reading...