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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Five Years Ago

On a crisp September morning five years ago tomorrow, the unthinkable happened. I will never forget that day nor its events. Just like the day in 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger exploded before our very eyes, the television media, with their every 20 second replay of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, the images of September 11 are never too far from my mind's eye. It doesn't help much that Youtube has thousands of videos of the event posted for us to see whenever we get the urge.

I can't help but think about where we were on September 10, 2001, where we ended up on the 12th and where we are today. On the tenth of September, a minority of Americans and the Supreme Court had only recently handed the presidency to a failed businessman from Connecticut by way of Texas, who, much to his own hapless good luck, was born the son of a former not so hot president. Many of us were outraged at the outcome of the 2000 election, wondering just what the hell we were thinking to let this happen.

But the horrific events of September 11th gave the new president a chance to shine, a chance to unite the country behind a common cause, a chance to be a healer. Even I, the biggest Bush detractor on the planet, was willing to see what the guy could do in the face of disaster. After all, we didn't have the choice of replacing him with the far more competent Rudolph Giuliani.

What is striking now in hindsight is just how badly George W. Bush blew his chance at greatness. It started with the slackjawed empty looks on his face that we saw from all kinds of television images in the days immediately following the attack. His total disengagement at the National Cathedral memorial service was telling. Here was the leader of the free world, clueless as to how to handle the biggest disaster on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

"Wanted Dead or Alive!" he said. How fucking original. War on turr. Or was that tourists? Oh, yes, terror. Interesting. We have declared war on a tactic, spent gazillions of dollars on the cause and the man who masterminded the attacks on New York and Washington is still hopping around the caves of Pakistan sticking out his bare ass for the Al Jazeera cameras five years on. We have been duped into a needless war with Iraq, having been sold a bill of goods about non-existent weapons of mass deception, er, destruction and a completely fabricated connection between Sadaam Hussein and Al-Quaeda.

All the while, the White House Puppet and his thugs in the cabinet usurp the constitution every hour on the hour while we stand idly by and let it happen. Compared to Bush, Dick Nixon and his boys look like Pope Benedict and the College of Cardinals. And we impeached Clinton for a blow job.

The best news that I can think of on this September 11 eve is that Dubbya has fewer days to serve in office, and each passing sunset lessens his grip. In a meagre eight years, we have become one of the most despised nations on earth through some of the worst foreign policy in history. We have destroyed two countries and seem to be hell bent on starting yet another war, this time with Iran, when our military is already taxed to the breaking point, and we have yet to demand Donald Rumsfeld's incompetent, arrogant head to be served in soup kitchens.

On this fifth marking of the September 11 attacks, let's all take a moment to ponder that in just a couple of weeks, there's an election coming upon us that can change the course of this disaster that was bred from tragedy. Let's all take a positive step to undo the damage that Bush and his criminals have done to our country.

Vote. Do it! Before it's too late.


James Gallagher said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Chief