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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Concerning WRR Radio and My Departure from Same

Dear friends,

I am flattered by the many responses that I have received concerning my departure from WRR radio. I think I should explain.

When I agreed to take the position of evening host, it was under the condition I would be able to voice track, or record my programs when I had to be away either to teach my students or to perform. This set-up worked well for some time.

Recently, upper management has decided that voice tracking is detrimental to the station's ratings, and I am no longer allowed to record shows except in rare cases. This has caused me to have to concoct a rather convoluted work schedule and it is eating up a great deal of my time, forcing me to make the 20 mile round trip to the station twice per day, often in heavy Dallas traffic.

By the grace of God, I am experiencing a really good run of singing engagements and thanks to the wonderful teaching of Nancy Zylstra and Max van Egmond, am singing at the top of my form for the first time in years. I have also been blessed to have created a steady and profitable business as a voice teacher here in Dallas.

Recently, I lost my grandmother. She was very influential in my development both as a musician and as a person. Her sacrifices helped put me where I am today, and I have a deeply held determination to honor her memory by making every effort to further my career in music.
The radio position, wonderful and fun as it is, does not pay well enough to justify the 25 to 30 hours per week that I spend there. Further, it is becoming harder and harder to travel to the extent that is necessary for me to have a national or international career as a singer. The time obligation has also detracted from my teaching, and my students are extremely important to me.

Therefore, after careful consideration, I have decided to leave the radio so that I can devote my full energies to my other professional interests and callings. I will remain on the staff as a contract employee, filling in from time to time for vacations, and producing long form programs.
I am in no way burning a bridge at WRR, and I hold the institution in the highest esteem, and am very fond of all my colleagues there. There are absolutely no hard feelings from any one over this decision.

I will still be a presence in broadcasting. You my listen for free to my webcast 24 hours a day at When I leave the radio, I will be updating that program every three days for your enjoyment. You can also read my regular record reviews at and at
Thank you for all of your support and for being a fan of the show. I am very grateful to all of you. But, since music is my first love, it is vital to me while I am still in good voice to make the most of the years I have left to sing professionally.

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