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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On A Change of Life

Time is the most valuable thing there is. Sadly, we do not own it. It is lent to us by a power greater that us, and it can be taken from us by the most petty and ruthless beings known on earth. Therefore to waste it on worthless pursuits is amongst the greatest of sins. I propose that the use of time be our most selfish expenditure, a currency to be spent only on that which is fulfilling to us and on efforts to elevate others to a position of being able to do the same.

Material goods are the physical manifestations of that which we lack in emotional and spiritual health. They are not biodegradable and they clutter our mental landscape. Use only what you need. Collect only what is uplifting to your spirit. Treasure the ethereal over the tangible. Eat only enough to nourish your body. Share your excess or give it away. Make use of that which has already been used; don't be ashamed to display something that was purchased second hand. Invite others to use those things which you may have but they cannot afford. Use your money more to supply the needs of the downtrodden rather than to stoke the furnace of your own greed.




Be willing to change your mind. Make an effort to change the minds of others.

Promote music and poetry. Write, even if you think your ideas are too small and your syntax is too weak. Open your ears to new sounds . Find what music there is in silence. Look inside chaos and listen inside noise to find a hidden singular beauty.

Inasmuch as your responsibilities to your loved ones allow, live first for yourself. Do not find yourself on the right-hand side of old age having regretted that you failed to take a risk, that you passed up a chance for adventure and enlightenment.

Try a new food every day.

And most importantly, never, ever, be afraid to say no.

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