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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Blogger Wasteland

Humm, it would seem as if in this vast wasteland that is cyberspace, that very few people read these little ramblings. The other day I sent an email to an old friend, in whose blog I am mentioned several times, and I was astounded to see just how much some people write. I mean, some of the entries go on for days and they occur every day! Damn.

What I really should be doing right now is writing reviews for musicweb, but I have simply not been in the mood.

I have been having a good time finding interesting new music at and surfing around Real Rhapsody, which I just recently installed.

By the way Nathan, if you are reading this, email me you schmuck. Enough with the elusive mystery anti-social man bullshit. Get a life and be a friend again.

Alreighte then. Guess it's time to go. Oh yeah, all of you who missed out on Lucas and Daniel's Lute concert last weekend are losers indeed. It was superb, sublime even. For ten bucks it was worth the drive to Plano. The 40 peeps that made it left changed for the better.

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Hildigunnur said...

sorry, but the trip to Plano was a bit too much from Iceland ;-) I,m sure I missed out on a great concert

takes a while to build a blog audience, have to write a bit. I'm a very active blogger, write up to 5 blogs a day, sometimes, not long but there's always some new stuff on my page. people don't tend to visit a site when there's nothing new for a couple of weeks, or so!

hey, how are things going, anyway? any news about new commissions for next year??? ;-) ;-) ;-)