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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Homophobic Bishop and his Hypocritical Agenda

Dear Friends,

Last night at the Church of the Incarnation, James Monte Stanton, the sixth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, met with concerned parishioners concerning our diocese's joining of the Network of Anglican Commuion Dioceses and Parishes.

For some ninety minutes, the bishop filibustered and dodged serious and thoughtful questions and concerns from parishioners both gay and straight about the agenda and intentions of this network.

It became clearer by the minute that this network is an attempt to institutionalize homophobia within the the Episcopal Church in the USA. Bishop Stanton did not even have the nerve to address or defend this accusation, rudely cutting off a questioner who was neither aggresive nor disrespectful in his inquiry.

As a defense for his actions, the Bishop stated that his main concern was to maintain the communion between the American Episcopal Church and sister churches throughout the Anglican Communion, specifically, the churches in Africa. He made a lenghty case for this need for unity, citing the negative press that the African Church leaders were receiving for being in association with the Americans, and stated that African churches, who were in most desperate need of American aid were being forced to pass it by in fear of censure by their governments.

Further, when asked whether he would oust clergy who, in direct violation to Christ's teachings, were divorced and remarried, he replied with an unequivocal 'No.'

It seems as though the bishop and his henchmen have decided to take the issue of homosexuality as their right-wing rallying cry, ignoring other direct scriptural teachings since they are not politically or financially expedient.

Further, he is hiding behind a mask of sympathy for Africa, a continent which has done little to nothing to stem the spread of HIV and AIDS because of its antediluvian social mores that insist that the wearing of a condom is in some way unmasculine. He has also chosen to ignore such practices as polygamy, and prostitution and the handing down of episcopal offices such as bishop and primate from generation to generation instead of the proper electoral procedures that the canons require of these offices.

This Network and the people that are involved in it are the apex of hypocricy, discrimination and hatred. They are a stain on the fabric of the teachings of the all-loving, and all encompasisng Christ. They cherry pick scripture for their own political agenda and conveniently ignore those edicts of which they are in violation for their own political gain and expediency.

To add insult to injury, the Bishop made appallingly bigoted statements against the religion of Islam, putting himself on the level of our current and incompetent political administration, a far cry from his calling as shepherd of his flock.

In a last ditch effort to defend his Network, he cited his desire to maintain the traditions of the five-hundred year old Anglican Church. He failed, of course, to mention that this very church, founded in the sixteenth century by Henry VIII of England, was formed solely because the Roman Pontiff refused to grant Henry a divorce so that he could commence with his SIXTH marriage.

This bishop and his homophobic, hypocrital agenda must be stopped. We must cease to live in the dark ages, and wake up to see the light of truth. The bishop would have us believe that homosexualtiy is a lifestyle choice and not a product of genetics, when volumes of excellent research and science have proven him wrong.

To all of you who might read these pages: take a stand with me and my brothers and sisters in Christ who recognize the error and bigotry of Stanton and his ilk. Write to him at Be heard. Let us stamp out hatred, fear and discrimination for ever.


Jim said...

Kevin, there is no end to these people's irrationality and hatred. It is useless to point out their scripural errors because they are just using the Bible as it suits their needs, not for what it says.
They would do better to just come out and say "gays just gross me out" or whatever their objection is so real communication could begin. Hiding behind the Bible is cowardly

Kevin Sutton said...


Thanks for your comments and support. From what everyone in any official capacity says around here, things are just going to get worse around Easter. It seems his grace has someting big up his sleeve. I hope he falls into a vat of bacon grease first.