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Monday, December 20, 2004

Success in spite of the AF of M.

The Dallas Bach Society performed its annual Messiah concerts this week in spite of pickets and strikes by the American Federation of Musicians, who, in Dallas are amongst our community's most myopic and ridiculous people.

The spirit of the performances was brilliant and the music making was of the first order. What a pleasure it was to see, for once, the orchestra brimming with the joy of playing together and of making so profound a musical testament as Handel's masterpiece warrants.

It was particularly amusing to me to go to the men's room and see stickers and signs plastered all over the walls which read: "DALLAS BACH SOCIETY-SCABS GO HOME!"

First of all, the union members who placed these items defaced public property. This is a misdemeanor offence by city statutes. Secondly, it proved just how childish these people are. Really now, posting your protests in the pisser. Nice. Elegant. Effective. Just so you know, I aimed up and hit the poster squarely with the ole garden hose.

Oh yes, and for the brilliant persons of letter who posted the signs: you need a comma after scabs. If you're going to post notices, at least do us the courtesy of knowing English grammar.

Nice try. The show went on. The audience loved it. And the six of you with your placards and signs outside the looked like the asses you are.

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