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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Catching up

Since Hildigunnur has duly chastised me for not keeping up with my blog, I thought that I would run a few words across the keyboard, since by some dumb luck I got out of my rehearsal early today.

It's holiday time, and of course that means lots of concerts and extra services, and by exchange, lots of extra cashflow. My creditors love this time of year. Four Messiah Performances (two as soloist, two as chorister) and a ton of other fun things.

This is about the time that I start thinking about what to put in the annual Chrismas eve letter, which will be arriving in inboxes the world over about 1:00 am CST Christmas morning. I think this year's is going to be pretty good. I have actually found a topic that does not blast George Bush to smithereens (rhetorically, of course, lest the Dept. of Homeland Security is reading this.)

I am proud to announce that one of my favorite students, Montgomery, got into the actor's conservatory at NYU. This is great news as he is a major talent, and he has had his heart set on studying there for some years now.

Well, it's off to the mall while I have the time. See everyone on Christmas eve!

1 comment:

Hildigunnur said...

hey, a sign of life :-) Great!

We canceled our Messiah concert and fired the conductor, I was sorry about that but it had to be done. Maybe next year we'll sing it.

Sorry about the union mess, I'm all for unions, but like everything they can go too far. Probably like so many things in the US, tend to go to extremes.

I'll second you on the GWB issue (oops, now I'll probably never get a Visum to the States again...