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Monday, February 21, 2005

Thoughts on the Day

Hunter S. Thompson is dead. Killed himself yesterday. Great loss.
Sandra Dee and John Raitt are also dead. Sympathies to Bonnie and the rest of John's Family.

Spent the day teaching and rehearsing. Hoping the voice is completely back to normal by the time Madame Z gets here next week.

Tomorrow is my 41st birthday.

My mom is in the hospital and not feeling so well today. Kidney infection. Warm thoughts and prayers on her behalf are appreciated.

Long day tomorrow. Six students and a recital to attend. Helios program needs to get done and I need to start seeking out donations for the wine auction.



Pat the Bone said...

Happy Birthday. Well wishes and prayers to your mother. I hope to see you Friday. When's the party?

Hildigunnur said...

Happy Birthday (til hamingju með afmælið) My 41st is just around the corner as well...

Hope your mother gets well soon. Take good care of her. My daughter got a kidney infection around New Year's, she's fine now.