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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Fond Farewell to 2005

Greetings all,

This is your friendly ever so sporadic blogger, wishing everyone a happy New Year! Thank God 2005 is behind us. Here are the top ten great things about it being 2006 and not 2005.

1. Bush has one fewer year to be in office.
2. All the sucky things that happened in 2005 like the hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis are last year's news and hopefully won't happen again in 2006.
3. There is a congressional election this year, and with every big name Republican on Capitol Hill under investigation or on his way to jail, we might just see the American people regain a few ounces of common sense and realize that crooks are crooks, and just because they appeal to the naive religiosity of southern morons, they DON'T have our best interests in mind.
4. The Democrats, despite their inability to put forth a coherent message and any decent candidates, stand a pretty good chance of regaining congress. Thank you so much Mssrs. Ambramoff and DeLay, you've helped our cause more than you can ever imagine!
5. Pat Gary has a great new party pad that is probably just about broken in for regular use now, and he has a REAL bar, not just a kitchen cabinet full of good likker.
6. Hildegunner is going to compose a song cycle for me, aren't you Hildegunner?
7. Brian and Mike will be home from Iraq "this year" not "next year.'
8. Dr. Stapp is getting older, thus making my edge at darts sharper, given that age, alcohol and arthritis are slowing the ole guy down a bit.
9. I still have more hair than Dr. Stapp.

and finally,

10. My new cd comes out this summer!

Happy New Year All!


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