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Saturday, February 04, 2006

So Where's My Song Cycle?

Greetings all. Sigh. Sittin here at the radio station and am bored out of my mind listening to the Metropolitan Opera. I know it's a great cultural institution, and we should be glad we have it, but I prefer my opera the pictures!

Anyway, Helios has a concert tonight, and by the grace of God, enough people seem to be attending it to make it pretty much pay for itself.

By the way, my confidence in organized religion has hit another all time low. God and I seem to be in good stead with each other, but those pretty buildings put up all over the place in his name...well that's another story. Sometime in the future I will reveal my reasons for being disgusted, but this isn't the time.

In the meantime, I have been checking out oak groves and pine forests. They make for very nice cathedrals, and they are seldom inhabited by the self righteous.

Thank you Fr. Blackmon, you're the best.


Erik Mann said...

I was looking for blogs referring to Dallas and found yours. Great blog! I'm in Dallas and here's some info about me

Kevin Sutton said...

Thanks Eric. I really don't keep it up very well, but I get here every now and again. Looks like you're way into your martial arts. I must admit my cluelessness on that subject.

Hildigunnur said...

Oh, oops, I guess I haven't been keeping up to date :-D

Put you in the queue. Just finished a new Mass, commissioned by the church in my old home town. Actually has 3 big tenor arias in it, so if you don't mind singing in Icelandic I can send them to you.

Then I have a series of duets for 2 violins, a piano trio, a song for children's choir and last but not least my first Symphony for a large orchestra. OMG!

Kevin Sutton said...

I'll learn Icelandic for you! Send it on...and how about an invite to come to Iceland and sing it for you?? I'd love that.

Hildigunnur said...

will do. One of my brothers is singing the solo in the upcoming first performance on the 26th of March.

hmm, let's see about possibilities of singing. Maybe the Mass will be hugely popular and want loads of performances, and maybe somebody will want an US tenor to sing...