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Friday, June 27, 2008

BPI Journal - Second Friday

This is the time in the cycle of all things BPI when things get a little confusing. In some ways, I am hanging on to the remaining hours for dear life, dreading to let go of those people, whether they are old friends or new that have become such a part of my life here. Yet, there is a bright future and as the march of time moves forward there is much to anticipate.

There can't help, however, but be a sense of melancholy mingled with all the joy. Once again, I've added another branch to my ever growing tree of stimulating, fascinating, and engaging friends.

To the new members of the family: Benji, Adam, Mikel and Niccolo, welcome aboard and thanks for becoming a part of the collective.

What's better still is the joy I feel in the renewed strength of ties that were bound in the past. James and Mark, Brent and Trevor, Bob and Patsy, Reynaldo, Katrina, Derrick and David, Ari and Cordelia, Max, Nancy and Penny, I thank you from my heart.

What awaits is the eternal. The making of music together over the next two days. May it be infused with all of the spirit of so great an art as ours~!

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