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Thursday, November 27, 2008

i thank you god for most this amazing day

Such is the opening line of one of the most profound poems of the twentieth century, written by e.e. cummings. I encourage you to read the whole poem sometime because it is one of the most ecstatic celebrations of the joy of living ever penned.

That's how I feel today as I listen to the trickling of the fountain on my porch, reminding me that life is an ever-flowing stream; a never ending river taking us from one adventure to the next. I celebrate the gift of friendship that I receive in such daily abundance. I give thanks for my home, my church, my family, my cats! Today I look out the window and feel particularly blessed to see a beautiful world, a world that in spite of economic turmoil and war and strife, continues to be good to me and those I love.

And yet, in the background, CNN continues to report the sad news from India. All is not well with the world for many people. And so I pray for the people in this world who are hungry, for those who live in fear and for those whose existence is ever in the balance.

As we sit down to our nice meals in our comfortable and safe homes with people we love, I hope that all of us will take a moment to remember those who don't have what we have, and to redouble our efforts in this coming holiday season to not only make our own spirits bright, but to reach into our abundance and share some of what we've been given with someone in need.

Peace and blessings be with you on this Thanksgiving day.

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