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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What Does it Tell You?

How interesting it was that when Senator McCain made his concession speech that people in his crowd booed at the mention of President Elect Obama's name.

How interesting it was that when President Elect Obama praised senator McCain's service to our country, which is indeed significant, that the democratic audience in Chicago cheered and applauded.

Oh Republicans. How sad it is that you can find nothing but hate and derision in your response to defeat. Mr. McCain was more than gracious in his concession speech. He was a true American patriot. He was what we want to be as Americans...modest in victory, gracious in defeat.

How sad that the Republican crowd in Phoenix chose to be everything that Americans aren't.

How gratifying it was to see that Mr. Obama's supporters could bring out the best in what we as Americans really are. We are modest in victory. We can show appreciation for all that Senator McCain has given and sacrificed for our country.

Is it any wonder that the Republicans are looked upon with such derision. They are the anti-American dream. They are sadly the antithesis of what it means to be an American. They shout cat calls at their defeat. How sad that they can't be real Americans, and pledge to work together with the new president as Mr. McCain did.

Senator McCain is a hero once again.

His slogan was "Country First". How sad that his followers never read the posters.

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