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Friday, April 12, 2013

In Memoriam Jaqueline Wollan Gibbons

It was with the deepest sadness that I learned of the passing of Jaqueline Gibbons. There are probably fewer than a dozen people in the world that I hold in the kind of esteem, respect, awe and love that I have for Jackie. Her death leaves a gaping hole in my heart and spirit.

Beyond brilliant, Jackie was an intellectual force of nature. Her depth and breadth of knowledge on hundreds of topics was astounding and sometimes a little intimidating. And yet she had a gentle way of sculpting souls. I shall never forget when she and Hal invited me to dinner in their home some twenty years ago, and Jackie took the time and compassion to have a serious talk with me about the merits of humility, grace and kindness. Without ever putting me down, she helped me to see that true success comes from being nice to people, by building up others over oneself and by letting one's accomplishments speak for themselves.

Jackie Gibbons was one of the kindest, gentlest, most gracious and beautiful ladies I have ever had the honor of knowing.

With her departure, the world has not just lost a loving wife, mother and friend. We have lost a poet, a dreamer, an environmentalist, a musician, a philosopher and a peacemaker. Jackie sought and found perfection in so many realms that it is impossible to categorize her life. She was all things to all people, or at least she tried her very best to be.

Words cannot express the influence that this quietly joyful woman had on my life. She was the voice of reason, the caress of compassion and a cauldron of calm. It is easy to say that she left the world a much better place for her having passed through it. It is painful to admit that without her, we are all diminished. Thankfully, she touched so many lives that there is a strong hope that the seeds she planted in all of us will continue to grow and flourish, and that her good soul will live on in the lives of all who loved her so much.

And so, dear lady, farewell and rest in peace. And as your beautiful spirit soars around the universe, please pause from time to time to come back and visit us and lend us a cosmic hand. You will never be forgotten as there is no way that a spirit as rich and beautiful as yours could ever really die. I'll miss you very much. Thank you dear Jackie for making such a positive difference in my life, and for sharing some of yours with me and so many others. I love you very much.


rwinston said...

Hey Kevin- I misplaced your number so I haven't been able to get back to you about the Memorial. I should be able to do it. Jennifer wants to sing too but it will depend on the time. Please give me a call back so I can get your info again. Sorry!

Kevin Sutton said...

214 455 8380