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Monday, April 01, 2013

News and Views from the Tenorsphere

Wow what a week!

Let me begin by saying that I hope that all of you had a blessed Holy Week, Easter, Passover or whatever religious or personal holiday you might have celebrated last week. We here in Dallas enjoyed some absolutely beautiful weather and I personally had a wonderful week of work, worship and relaxation with friends.

Tomorrow afternoon I am off to Montana for the eleventh annual Montana Early Music Festival. Maestra Kerry Krebill has assembled her usual cast of stars from all over the country to bring some magnificent Italian cathedral music to life. I never cease to wonder at how Kerry can bring off musical miracles year after year in the beautiful setting of the Montana mountains. Check out the festival at

I don't have a single point to make with today's post, but a couple of things have caught my attention in the news of late.

One is the recent speech that legendary Dallas developer Don Williams delivered to a group of high powered Dallas land barons at the Dallas Country Club. Mr. Williams has always been an outspoken advocate for the less fortunate and he quite eloquently called out our fair city's more affluent for their lack of interest in developing the poorer parts of Dallas. Bravo to you Mr. Williams for having achieved so much in your own career and for wanting to help other people achieve their dreams as well. I encourage my readers to check out recent editorials and reports about Mr. Williams efforts at

On a lighter note, I have been exploring and enjoying one of our city's somewhat hidden gems, the beautiful Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. Chock full of delightful restaurants, boutiques and art galleries, this is a treasure of culture and grace. Noteworthy is Oddfellows Restaurant and Bar at 316 West 7th Street. Lovely atmosphere, charming (and very good looking) staff, reasonable prices and delicious food and beverages make this a must try culinary destination. Check it

Ok, it's off to the presses, and the laundry, and the packing, and the score marking.....ugh. Have a beautiful day and thanks for reading.


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