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Monday, April 11, 2005

I got dem Schiphol Airport Blues

Good morning all.

For you, it's about three a.m. I have arrived safely in Amsterdam, gotten my boarding pass to Stockholm, schlepped the luggage to where it needs to go and spent some cash in the cd store, as if I need any more cds.

Schiphol is a"that seventies show" kind of airport, but it has miles of cool shops and lots of very American places to eat.

The flight from the US didn't seem too terribly long really, and I got in a couple of good naps on the plane. So, except for feeling the desperate need to take a shower, I am doing great. At $13 an hour in the internet cafe, this entry will of necessity be short. I will have lots of time to write when I get to Stockholm. Leif has a virtual office in his house.

Meanwhile, I get to learn to navigate Amsterdam by myself, as Max has a gig and can't come get me at the airport when I come back. That's ok though, I love a good adventure and everyone here speaks English, so I won't be lost.

If all else fails, I will just spring for a cab.

That's it for now. Post some responses you people. There will be much news.

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