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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Croaking in Amsterdam, or, Why Alcohol and Tenors Shouldn't mix. I am in the the sin capital of the world. So what does little Kevy do but go out on the town, meet up with two really cool natives at a bar and take the bar tour of Amsterdam until 4 am. Even had to take a cab home for fear of getting lost!

It was fun though, except for the last place, which was a loud crowded disco and I almost lost my friends.

I have leared. I sounded like dog crap this morning...again! Same thing that happened in Sweden.

Well, there was lots to see and do. Max is out at a dinner party, so I am having a quiet evening alone after having gone out to explore the town a bit. Will definitely NOT go out drinking tonight.

More later.


superteacher said...

Right! So you think Amsterdam is sin capital nr 1 hey! Well actually I'm afraid it is... but... we also provide the world's best baroque organs! Can't say that from the States :)

Kevin Sutton said...

I hope you didn't take that comment as an insult. I was meant to be tongue in cheek..I love Amsterdam, and all of its organs.