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Friday, April 15, 2005

On to Amsterdam

Arrived safely today at the lovely 17th century home of Max van Egmond. What a charming and wonderful house this is. We had a splendid chat over tea and will be having the first of our three lessons tonight.

Alas, the auditions which I had hoped for will not be happening live, but I prepared a nice package for the conductors in question.

Max has stepped out for a swim, and I have been catching up on email and practicing while he is out. Thank God he has a PC. After using Leif's all week, I am definitely sticking with the PC!!! (Sorry Leif, but I don't get along with Macs.)

Meanwhile, la voce mia is giving me a bit of grief. My chords have been kind of swollen all week, and it's getting annoying. Have been careful about my alcohol intake.

As for Amsterdam itself, I will have to tell you more about that tomorrow after I have seen more. So far so good though. It's very impressive. Lessons tomorrow and Sunday and then to the states on Monday, drat it...I thought I was to be here all day Monday too, but I misread my ticket. Oh well.

More later.

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