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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Day's Thoughts

Having just returned from the incredible experience that was the Oberlin Baroque Performance Institue, I find myself being at a very strange disconnect at the moment. Still reeling from the great times I had in Ohio, it is rather difficult to return to a workaday routine. It seems as though I have left something undone in the midwest; that perhaps I didn't take full advantage of what was there to be had, or that perhaps I took undue advantage of the generosity of a few people.

For all of the great things that happened to me there, I feel perhaps that I missed some important opportunities, perhaps let some potentially wonderful relationships slip through my fingers or took others for granted and didn't express my full appreciation.

Whatever happened to me, I know that I am changed and I can't wait until next year to continue the journey. That's the glory of BPI, there's always next year to do better.

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Hildigunnur said...

hi Kevin, welcome to the blog world :-) I'll be sure to look in once in a while. You probably won't have much use for mine, though, as it's all in Icelandic. It's here though.

thumbs up!