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Sunday, July 25, 2004

A pleasant day

Some Sundays are just meant to be ideal. Church first this morning, which, for a change I actually enjoyed. Except for the music, Incarnation can be drudgery! Then off for lunch by myself and a trip to the local Borders Book Store.

After which, a splendid, undisturbed three hour nap! Sublime.

Then snacks with Bob and Patsy Brooks and off to a concert featuring five female opera singers. On the whole quite fine, with Bob and Patsy's daughter, Natalie and a mezzo named Julie stealing the show.  Note to other performers: seek fashion advice.  After concert, much reception socializing and then back to Bob and Patsy's for champagne, ice cream and the customary first rate conversation.

Some music listening and web surfing left for the afternoon, and then off to bed. Would that every day could be this pleasant!


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