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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Free lancing is Hell

The problem with starting new missions in life is that you create more work for yourself by so doing. Oh well. Some really exciting things are coming out of my new company to be, with hats off to Pat "the Bone" Gary for suggesting the name for the enterprise. (See his comments under last posting, and check out his blog, which can be found here:

Patrick is one of the deeper thinkers I know, and discussions with him can get really serious really fast. He's a fine musician and fellow music critic for

If you want to read our profound thoughts on recent cds go to:

From there, click on the MUSICWEB tab. To read moi, type [KS] exactly as shown here with the square brackets in the search engine to find my list of reviews. To view Pat's, substitute his initials in the square brackets [PG].

The next new venture for Euterpe Music Projects after Lucas and Dan and then the Nancy Z weekend, will hopefully be a visit by the brilliant British violinist, Jack Liebeck.  Visit his website, and check out this incredible musician's work at .

This guy is the next Josh Bell, and he's very cool and friendly too. Stay tuned. More on his probable Dallas debut later.

Meanwhile, life is grand, I am busy, and had a groovy time exercising with Greg and Regina, then going back and putting it all back on in the form of Dos Equis!!!! Viva beer!

Have fun everyone, and be sure to post comments!!!!!


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Hildigunnur said...

hey, cool, you write for them :-) have you read this review here it's my choir, and I've even got some small solos on there!