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Saturday, July 24, 2004

The non eventful Saturday

There isn't really very much to report today, except that I taught two voice lessons, did a little practicing, recorded my radio show and edited down some material from live concerts to use for demo purposes.

Nice peaceful dinner and an evening by the Chiminea (known to the in-crowd as "the bong") with the Ockelmanns, and tomorrow brings the tedious task of double church services. Maybe I'll get lucky and Fr. Price will be preaching, which will be enough to at least keep me awake for most of the service.

Tomorrow evening brings dinner with the Brookses and then out to hear their daughter and my colleague Natalie in a summer concert in Mesquite. That should be an enjoyable evening since any time spent with Bob and Patsy is fun.

Glad to hear that Mother Judy Bowman is checking out these pages. Coolest woman this side of Venus that lady! Not to mention one of the most courageous. Everyone could learn a lesson from Mom Bowman about how to live life gracefully in the face of what to most people would be insurmountable challenges.

Things are coming together for my Euterpe projects.  Now if we can chase down the bastard accountant who has all of my back records and has fled the planet! Go Marsha!

Enough of my rambling.


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